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Coating High Viscosity Mixing Equipment

Coating High Viscosity Mixing Equipment

The stirrer of the planetary mixer is generally composed of two mixing paddles and one scraper. The two paddles rotate around their own axis while revolving along the internal wall of the container. The rotation and revolution of the paddles and scraper bring the peripheral materials to the interior. After one revolution, paddles have passed through the entire internal space; after 3 rounds, most of the materials have been sufficiently mixed and all materials will have been thoroughly mixed after only 36 revolutions.
1. It is a high effiicient, multifunctional equipment combining reaction, mixing, blending and dispersion.
2. Suitable for liquid-liquild, solid-liquid, ointment-ointment, powder-ointment and materials with huge difference of density and proportion, and production process from low to high viscocity (1,500,000Cps).
3. Mechanical seal and (echelon) soft seal between the vessels enable the materials to be operated under vacuum condition.
4. The vessel body can be heated by electricity, steam, water or oil. Peculiar temperature sensor on the driving shaft ensures the temperature error under ±1℃,
5. Jacket structure facilitates heating up and cooling down.
6. The vessel inner wall is processed by lathe and then automatically polished by the big polishing machine, which ensures the rotating kinetic scraper can scrape the materials stuck on the wall thoroughly.
7. The agitators will rotate as it revolves to mix the materials thoroughly. Mixing effect will be obtained within a short period and its mixing effect is around ten times more than that of normal mixer.
8. Rotating, revolving of the agitator and  rotating of the scraper are all controlled by inverter.
9. Can be equipped with extruding machine.
10. Different mixing forms are available as options according to different process. Non-standard design and tailor-made.